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Our goal is to support the efficiency and the sustainability in our client business operation and to solve the critical problems our clients face with based upon trustworthy and sound business relation.

The world has been complicatedly transforming with the digital economy in surge and the international regulations and systems have been rapidly changing along with it. In this circumstance, our role is to help get our clients to understand the international regulations and systems in complex and to run the efficient and sustainable business.

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D. June Oh, CPA (U.S.), MBA/MS


• Certified Public Accountant (U.S.) (U.S.A License# 36492)

• Foreign Certified Public Accountant (Korea License# F00022)

• IRS Tax Return Preparer (RPO)

• IRS ITIN Acceptance Agent (AA)

• Tech Business Consultant

• QuickBooks Online Advisor

• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Master Degree in Technology Management, Accountancy, and Corporate Governance and International Business

• Sogang University, Master Degree in Finance


• Current) KORUS Tax Accounting Consulting

• Prior) Accounting firm in Korea (International team)

• Prior) Accounting firm in the U.S.A

• Prior) Foreign-Invested Company (Global Tech Group)

Professional area


• U.S. Tax / International Tax

• U.S Company Accounting / Foreign-Invested Company Accounting

• Technology Advisory

Professional Networks

Provide various customized services through Accounting/Tax, Laws/Visa, and Tech Business professional networks

• Accounting/Tax

• Laws/Visa

• Tech Business

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• KORUS Tax Accounting Consulting

• e-Mail: cloudoffice@korusta.com

• Skype ID: live:cloudofficekorusta

• Tel. (KOR) +82-70-8680-9525

• Fax (KOR) +82-507-0333-9565 / (US) +1-206-260-2814


Accounting Advisory

Accounting Advisory Service

• U.S. GAAP and IFRS Financial Statements Preparation Support

• U.S. GAAP and IFRS Difference Analysis and Conversion Support

• Complex Accounting Standard Advisory (Financial Instrument, Derivatives, Revenue Recognition, etc.)

• Accounting Advisory for Tech Business Industry

• Accounting Advisory for Digitalization such as Software, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Internet Business, etc.

• Corporate Governance, Internal Control and Internal Accounting Management System Advisory

• Internal Audit System Advisory

• Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX) Consulting

• Cybersecurity Standard Consulting

• Financial/Managerial Accounting, Financial Statements Analysis

• CFO Services

• Assurance & Attestation and Audit Service under the U.S. Regulation

• Accountant Report and CPA Letter Service under the U.S. Regulation


Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory Service

• U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Advisory

• U.S. Individual Real Property and Capital Asset Transfer Tax & Like-Kind Exchange (1031 Exchange) Advisory

• U.S. Individual Resident/Non-Resident Tax Obligation Advisory

• U.S. Individual Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Foreign Tax Credit Advisory

• U.S. Individual Estate Tax and Gift Tax Advisory

• U.S. Individual Expatriate Tax Advisory

• U.S. Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) Advisory

• KOR-US Totalization Agreements Advisory

• U.S. Individual/Corporation Foreign Financial Asset Account Report (FBAR & FATCA) Advisory

• U.S. Individual/Corporation International Information Return Advisory

• U.S. Individual/Corporation Income Tax Return Extension Advisory - Free Application

• U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return Advisory

• U.S. Corporation Federal and State Tax Obligation Advisory

• U.S. Corporation Taxation System and Investment Structure Advisory

• U.S. Corporation Starting/Closing Tax Advisory

• U.S. Corporation Corporate Governance and Related Party Transaction Advisory

• Tax Advisory for Tech Business Industry

• Tax Advisory for Digitalization such as Software, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Internet Business, etc.

• Tax Planning, Research, and Analysis

• IRS, State/Local Government Tax Audit Representation Support

• International Taxation Advisory including KOR-US Tax Treaty, Income/Deduction Source Rule, Inbound/Outbound Transaction, Transfer Pricing(TP), Foreign Currency Transactions, Thin Capitalization Rule(Earnings Stripping Rule), Controlled Foreign Corporation(CFC) Regime, International Withholding Tax, Foreign Tax Credit, Mutual Agreement Procedure(MAP), Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters and Report of Foreign Financial Asset Account, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting(BEPS) Project, etc.


Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing Service

• Bookkeeping and Monthly/Yearly Closing

• Customized Invoices Supports (With Payment Links)

• Payroll Calculation, Payroll Report and Withholding Tax Report

• HR and Various Accounting Task Supports

• Financial Statements Preparation & Reporting including Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), Statement of Profit and Loss (Income Statement), Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cash Flow, etc.

• Supporting Documents Review and Expense Disbursement Support in Internal Control Process

• Sales & Use Tax Filing

• Value Added Tax(VAT) Filing

• Individual Income Tax and Corporation Income Tax Return Filing

• Foreign Financial Asset Account Report (FBAR & FATCA)

• Foreign Bank Account (Bank Within Korea) Balance Administration

• Domestic/International Tax Filing Administration

• Cloud/Online Accounting Outsourcing (Remote Support)

• Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)



Administrative Support/Consulting Service

• Tax Accounting Strategy Consulting in Doing Tech Business in the USA

• Optimal Financial Accounting Reporting Structure, Manual, and System Consulting Between a Parent and a Subsidiary Company

• Cloud-Based Accounting Software and ERP Systems Consulting

• U.S. Immigrant Investor Visa(EB-5), National Interest Waiver Visa(EB-2 NIW), Nonimmigrant Investor Visa(E-2), Intracompany Transferee Visa(L-1) & other VISAs and U.S. Tax Consulting

• Business Plan with Pro Forma Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flow

• Global e-Commerce(Electronic Commerce) / Global Cloud Marketplace Support

• e-Commerce UIUX Website / Digital Marketing / Online Payment System Setup Support

• Cloud Operation Management / Cloud Managed Service Provider(MSP) Support

• Startup Business, Digital Nomad Support

• KOR-US FTA (Electronic Commerce) Support

Select USA Program / Invest Korea Program Support

• Virtual Assistant / Priority Chat, Phone & Video Call Anywhere Customer Support

• Production Inventory Management, Cash Management and Other Business Administration Supports/Consulting



All the States Setup

Incorporation in All the States, U.S.A

Vary One-Time Fee per a State and a Type of a Business, including:

[DE Special Offer: USD 500 for Delaware C Corporation or LLC]

• Formation of C Corporation, S Corporation, or LLC in the States

• State Filing Fees

• Article of Incorporation, Bylaws, Operating Agreement, etc.

• First year of Registered Agent Fee

• IRS Tax ID (Employer Identification Number, EIN)

• Incorporation and EIN for Approximately 3-4 Weeks

• U.S. Business Bank Account and Corporate Debit Card Opening Support

• EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) Enrollment Support

• ITIN Application Support (if required by a bank)

※ e-File & e-Pay


U.S. Corporate Filing

U.S. Corporate Filing Services

• Forming LLC

• Incorporation

• S-Corporation

• Non-Profits

• Foreign Qualification

• EIN / SSN / ITIN (U.S. Tax ID)

• DBA (Trade Name)

• Sales Tax & Reseller Permits

• Business Licensing

• Registered Agent

• Kit & Seal

• Good Standing Certificate

• Certified Copy of Articles

• International Certification

• Tobacco Licenses

• Accounting & Tax Services

• U.S. Address

• Name Reservation

• Annual Report

• Amendment

• Dissolution

• Reinstatement

• Conversion

• Domestication

• S-Corp Election

• Newspaper Publication

• U.S. Phone & Secretary Service

• U.S. Fax Service

• SSTRS (Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System): States

• U.S. Business Bank Account / Debit Card / Checks

• EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)

• Others

※ e-File & e-Pay


Korea Tech FDI Setup

Incorporation of Tech Foreign-Invested Company in Korea

• Local Corporation Setup

• Branch Office Setup

• Liaison Office Setup

• Incorporation for Approximately 3-4 Weeks

• Certificate of Business Registration Support, Corporate Bank Opening Support, Cloud/Online Accounting Support, Tax Accounting Support, Cash Management and Other Business Supports, Corporate Law Service Support, Virtual Office Service Support

※ Remote Support

※ Annual Corporation Income Tax Return Support: You’ll get a Year End Financial Package that contains all the info you need to file your tax. We can work directly with your CPA, or set you up with one we trust.




The U.S. Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

The U.S. IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (SFCP) are available to taxpayers certifying that their failure to report foreign financial assets accounts (FBAR & FATCA) and pay all tax due in respect of those assets accounts did not result from willful conduct on their part. The taxpayers who are eligible for and use the SFCP may reduce penalties completely or substantially.

• Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures (SFOP): Reduce penalties completely

• Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures (SDOP): Reduce penalties substantially (50%→5%)



The U.S. Delinquent FBAR Submission Procedures

The U.S. IRS Delinquent FBAR Submission Procedures (D-FBAR) are available to taxpayers who do not need to use the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (SFCP), but who have not filed a required report of FBARs. The IRS will not impose a penalty for the failure to file the delinquent FBARs for the taxpayers.



The U.S. Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures

The U.S. IRS Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures (DIIRSP) are available to taxpayers who do not need to use the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (SFCP), but who have not filed one or more required international information returns. The IRS will not impose a penalty for the failure to file the international information returns for the taxpayers.

• Applicable International Information Return: IRS Form 3520, 3520-A, 5471, 5472, 926, 8865, etc.



The U.S. Multistate Voluntary Disclosure Program

The U.S. Multistate Voluntary Disclosure Program (MVDP) provides a way for a taxpayer with potential tax liability in multiple states to negotiate a settlement, using a uniform procedure coordinated through the National Nexus Program (NNP) staff of the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC). The program may waive almost all the state penalties of the taxpayer.

• MVDP Participating States: Click Here